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Aero stimulation for the ultimate blowjob thrills by Tenga Japan! Ideal for single men but if your partner wishes to play with you effortlessly, then this superv sex toy can certainly do the job!
These innovative Air Tech masturbators make men´s dreams come true. Vacuum valves create an intense suction effect on the inside that is simply adjustable with your finger at a hole at the top. The hourglass shape offers good grip and different levels of tightness on the inside. Fancy design with practical sealing cap for storage. The pleasantly soft texture can be taken out of the casing for cleaning. For the ultimate pleasure experience the handy Air Tech masturbators are available in 3 different intensities.
* Please, combine only with water-based lubricants.
The black STRONG Cup is ideal for those who like it tight and intense. The material is firmer and reinforced with extra ribs that create an unique feeling.
What are the key features that make this superv quality Male masturbator so desireble?
– Masturbator in 3 different models
– Innovative aero stimulation for extra suction
– Hourglass shape for different levels of tightness
– In a beautiful design with a practical lid
– Velvety soft surface
– It can be removed from the case for cleaning
– Complete length 17 cm, outer 8 cm. Silicone, ABS.
– Special design: Strong
– Colour: black
– Material: ABS, Silicon
– Label: Air Tech Squeeze

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