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Self adhesive breathable bra for round shaped, fuller breasts. Slightly padded bra with lacing in the middle will make your breast even more beautiful and round. The lacing in the middle is strong enough and adhesive to hold the breasts in, giving an ultimate backless strapless look and making fashion style so much easier, whilst keeping a variety of sexy. This bra won’t leave any imprint on your skin.
Women adhesive bra is absolutely perfect for low cut dresses, tops, wedding gown.

Key Features:
Strapless bra with lacing in the middle
Soft, breathable material
Push-up design
Washable and resuable
Color: Fleshwhite

Note: Reusable bra, but too much sweat will affect stickiness, so the Silicone Push-up Adhesive Bra is not suitable for using in high temperature outdoors or doing exercise.Simply hand wash with running water after each use and air dry it.

Cup sizes:

  • A cup
  • B cup
  • C cup
  • D cup
  • E cup


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