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Kiotos Steel Anal movable Stainless Steel 6 Balls with strong retraction Ring 8719497535200. Made of Stainless Steel with quality mirror polish, aiming all serious anal players, male and female. An exotic Oriental anal toy stimulation aid. Slip the anal beads inside and then withdraw quickly at the moment of climax during sexual intercourse for an unbelievable sensation.
Wash with water and soap. Sex toy disinfectant is advisable to use. 
Combine with any type of lubricants.
DISCLAIMER: Always check the product before using. Due to heavy usage, the steel cable can be worn out and steel wire fragments could stick outwards and could cause injury. Always use at your own risk. Made for professionals only.

  • TOTAL LENGTH – from ring to the last bead 30 cm
  • LENGTH OF BEADS whn together- 14 cm
  • DIAMETER OF THE BEADS- From 0,8 cm up to 3 cm
  • WEIGHT- Total weight is 1,2 Kilos
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