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Bdsm φετιχιστικό 100% φυσικό σχοινί Κάνναβης, πάχους  6 mm με ολικό μήκου 20 μέτρων για απεριόριστα SHIBARI μποντάζ δεσμά και δεσίματα. 

Naughty Toys Bdsm Bondage Bind and Tie Hemp Natural Hemp Rope with metal head 20 meters X  6mm 360207013. Twenty (20meters) meters of 100% Natural Hemp Bondage Rope which is perfect for practicing Shibari, knot tying or to restrain your lover, this bondage rope is very versatile. It s durable, soft and great for beginner s too.

  • 100% natural hemp rope
  • Suitable for shibari and other SM rope play
  • Soft, Sturdy 6 mm Weave
  • Total length- 20 meters
  • Silver finished ends prevent unraveling

BRAND- Naughty Toys


Naughty Toys

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