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Μεγάλο μαύρο ομοίωμα πέους Ντιλντο με όρχεις και βεντούζα Blush Au Naturel Bold Huge black κατασκευασμένο με τέταρτης γενεάς TPE, Sensa Feel® KAI FlexiShaft™, υλικό. Διαστάσεις ομοιώματος ΟΛΙΚΟ ΜΗΚΟΣ- 26,5 εκ.  ΕΥΧΡΗΣΤΟ ΕΙΣΕΡΧΟΜΕΝΟ- 21,5 εκ – ΔΙΑΜΕΤΡΟΣ/ΠΑΧΟΣ- 6 ΕΚ

To those that size and color matters, Blush Au Naturel Bold Huge 10.5 inch Black cock and balls dildo with suction base will do just perfectly fine! How BOLD are you feeling today? The Au Naturel Bold Huge lets you explore your desires, with its ultra-realistic Sensa Feel® layers. Huge s soft, yet rigid and erect form is enhanced by FlexiShaft™ technology. Every detail, from firmness to skin & vein texture, is carefully crafted for maximum lifelike effect—all for your pleasure. Huge delivers super-sized girth and extra length, with a rounded, tapered head for easier insertion. Huge s strong suction cup base will stick to almost any smooth surface and is harness compatible. Made of premium TPE, Au Naturel Bold toys are body safe, phthalate-free, and easy to clean.
– Material- TPE Sensa feel dual density technology makes this product feel sensuously soft yet rigid and erect.
– Every detail is crafted for maximum lifelike effect, including flexi shaft.
– The suction cup base will stick to almost any smooth flat non porous surface and is harness compatible.
Size – Dimentions
– Total length- 26.5 cm (10,5 inch)
– Insertable length- 21.5 cm – (8.5 inch)
– Diameter- 6cm – (2.4 inch)

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