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Παρτε το ερωτικό σας παιχνίδι στό επόμενο επιπεδο με μαύρα σέξι χνουδωτά ρυθμιζόμενα κλιπάκια πιάστρες θηλών California Exotic Entice 716770078766

Absolutely sexy and alluring. Prepare yourself for a very stimulating nipple play with this fine feather nipplettes. Perfect for people into costume plays and pretend plays to spice up their bedroom experience. The Entice Feather Nipplettes are designer feather nipple clamps with soft, comfortable pads. beautifully crafted for sensual enjoyment, these nipplettes will stimulate and excite. Each clamp also features customizable tension. Just twist the screws to create a more gentle or intense experience as you desire and a delicious bedroom adventure awaits. The tickling feathers – well, let’s just say they’re tons of feathery fun. Use them to tease and entice your lover before adorning your most voluptuous assets.


Key Features:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Iron, feather
  • Body-safe


Brand: California Exotic



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