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Σεξ toy για ζευγάρια που λατρεύουν το Στοματικό σέξ, κόκκινα Χείλη σιλικόνης για να κρατάνε το στόμα μόνιμα ανοιχτό σε δερμάτινο ρυθμιζόμενο κολανάκι. Lets play Kinky Fantasies with this amazing one size adjustable Red Oral Lip Mouth Gag. Fully adjustable straps to go around head. The lips mouth opening gag is fixed to fit in wearers mouth. It doesnt not close.
Manufacturers discription 
The ultimate blow job accessory, this silicone gag keeps mouths open, teeth covered and (with lube) play wet. Thanks to the flexible silicone mouthpiece, this gag is great for beginners and is suitable for all skin types and nickel-free.
– O-ring style mouth gag with silicone mouthpiece for comfortable wear
– Inside diameter of flexible O-ring is 3,8 cm (1.5 inches)
– 11-hole buckle fastening adjusts between 40,5 – 59.5 cm (16 – 23.5 inches) around
– Non-scented silicone mouthpiece is non-intrusive but keeps sub s mouth open for play
– Faux leather with nickel-free metal


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